Summer’s First Batch 7/2008

Ah, summer! I’m back on the wheel again. Here is my first batch of this summer! I threw twenty-two pieces starting with the small bowls, crocks and mugs complete with pulled handles.

This summer I want to work on handles so I’m planning to make quite a few mugs. In this batch, though, I’m worried about my handles. I’m afraid several handles may pop off in the bisque firing. I had difficulty with the timing involved connecting the handle to the mug. Neither mug or handle should be too wet or too dry upon attaching them together. Timing is everything! (Along with a little patients and luck.)The pieces pictured are unfired pottery that is bone-dry, a state in which clay forms are the most fragile (greenware). My next step is to bisque fire the greenware; a process of firing greenware to a low temperature to harden the clay and drive the water from it in preparation for glazing

In addition to buying 100 pounds of clay, I bought some new glazes! I’m anxious to see the new colors. Stay tuned . . .

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