A Preview: My Pottery

If all goes according to plan, I hope to have my Etsy shop open by Memorial Day. Pictured below are a few things I will feature in my shop!

These mugs (pictured above) are made from a mid-fire stoneware brown clay and lead free glaze. I love the deep blue glaze on these mugs.  The colors remind me of  a calm deep blue ocean just before a storm with hues of dark purple and specks of earthen browns.  Each mug is accented with a rust color glaze.  I must admit, I like the blue and rust color combo. Imagine a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate from one of these mugs on a cool crisp morning!

The above brown and turquoise tumblers are made from a mid-fire soft white clay and lead free glaze. I love this glaze combination!  The speckled brown reminds me of the dark wood of majestic trees in a forest while the turquoise reminds me of a refreshing tropical body of water.  Imagine sipping a nice cool drink on a warm summer day from one of these tumblers!

Each of my pieces are hand thrown on a potter’s wheel.  I guarantee each piece to be unique in shape, size and color!  While dishwasher and microwave safe, please avoid extreme and sudden temperature changes.

Please stop by often as I will be adding more pieces to my store!

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