Behind the Wheel Again!

Four pet bowls ranging in size from 5 inch diameter to 9 inch diameter; Two crocks; One 7 inch tall cylinder for, oh, kitchen utensils and stuff!

Throwing is going pretty well.  OMG, I was so sore after the 1st day!  Not so much my arms (thanks to keeping up with my circuit training exercise videos) but my hips and lower back from leaning over the potter’s wheel – not exactly a natural sitting position.

1st time throwing such a large pet dish.

The pet dish pictured above is just shy of 10 inch diameter. I’m curious to find out how much it will “shrink” in the kiln after two firings; a bisque firing and glaze firing. (And, yes, Valerie, I made a couple smaller ones too!)

And, of course, there are the flub-ups.

In three days, I’ve thrown about 15 pieces.  (I lost count.) Out of the 15, four will go into the clay recycling bucket to be worked into something else.

When all these pieces are completely air dried (bone dry as potters call it), they will head to the kiln for a bisque firing.  Keeping all fingers crossed and praying to the kiln gods for a successful firing!

Stay Tuned!

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