This Week: Glazing! (Scroll down for updates!)

Bowls, Jars, Cups, Crocks, Pet Bows and Mugs awaiting glaze!

This week I will be trying out some new glazes as well as glazing with some of my trusty reliable favorites such as Rutile Blue and Temmoku Brown (pictured below).

Rutile Blue: A mid-fire cone 6 lead free glaze (SOLD)
Temmoku Brown: A mid-fire cone 6 lead free glaze

I plan to have my 1st glaze firing of the season this week!

UPDATE: 6/19/12

Eager to see how these glaze combinations come out.

UPDATE: First Day of Summer!

Perfect glazing weather this week: hot, dry and breezy!  The glaze dries as soon as I paint the pots.

Back Porch Studio with a view

Not to mention great weather to line dry clothes 😉

Later, on the first day of summer . . . Gah! More waiting!  Before I load the kiln, a switch needs replaced. It shorted out during the bisque firing.  Luckily, it was not a glaze firing.

Small glitch in a switch. More waiting…Rest assured, my super tech-people are on it!

UPDATE: 7:30 PM My super-duper- tech-person (aka husband) replaced the switch.  Testing kiln now.

7:45 PM:  All switches turned on without a short.  All coils fiery red hot!  Ooops! Won’t be able to load the kiln until tomorrow morning now!  Sigh… more waiting.

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