Watching Time

I thought the lighting in the shed was very good. Then I snapped!

Turned the kiln on 1st thing this morning (6 AM) and have been watching the clock since. With each passing hour, two, or three, such things need to be done to the kiln:  closing a peep  here, closing a peep there, and switching on the next switch and much waiting, of course! ( A peep is a hole in the kiln.)

Right now, I’m waiting for the kiln sitter to shut off. When that happens, it means the kiln has reached the desired temperature and the magic (or what I prefer to call chemistry) begins!  It also means I can take my eyes off the clock and chillax!

UPDATE! 3:30 PM  The kiln has reached temperature and has shut off!!!  Ahhhh! I can not wait to open the kiln (but I HAVE too because it’s tooooo hot!).  So, I wait.

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