Feel Good Feedback

I received the following note and photo from a customer:

I’ve been wanting to take a picture of your pottery turned planter, and remembered last night. I’d say the plants love their new home 🙂 This is at work and adds a lot of color!!!

Happy Plant. Happy Customer.

I love crocks. We have quite a few around the house.  Not only are they decorative they are very useful. We’ve used crocks for various different things such as a catch all for mail, small toys like blocks, bean bags and cat toys.  We’ve also used crocks in the kitchen during special events and holidays filled with extra napkins, flat ware, home made cookies, chex mix, chips, fruits and salads.  If you love crocks, check out my crock on Etsy!  The possibilities for such a utilitarian hand thrown piece of pottery are endless! By the way, I will be having a SALE starting November 14th through December 14th! 

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