Uniquely Handmade

(The above graphic was created by our daughter.)

How many of us have received a hand-knitted sweater that just didn’t really fit, but we can’t part with it because it was handmade?  How about a handmade quilt that has been loved to pieces, literally? We can’t seem to part with it either.  And what about the handmade Popsicle stick houses or Macaroni collages our children made for us? Nope, just can’t part with those works of art.  I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why handmade gifts are so special.  Each reason is as unique as the handmade gift itself, the artisan who made the gift, the one who buys it and the one who receives it.

Support Handmade for your own unique reasons.    Here are a few of my favorite shops just to get you started:

And, of course, Back Porch Studio. Coupon Code: NOVDECSALE2012

Many shops on Etsy offer coupon codes to receive a percentage off on your purchase. Upon checkout, simply click on “Apply shop coupon code“,  type the unique coupon code into the the space provided  and click APPLY to receive  your discount!

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