Necessity is the mother of invention…

. . .or something like that!

I decided to make some ornaments this year: snowflakes, mittens and hearts.  I had fun  rolling out the clay and cutting out various shapes with cookie cutters.  I bisque fired the ornaments in preparation for glazing.  After dipping the very first snowflake into the glaze, I had a face-palm moment.  I realized  I did not think this whole process through to the very end!  How was I going to fire the ornaments after glazing both sides without the ornaments sticking to the kiln shelf?

I did desperate search on the interwebtubes. I found out that I am not the only one who had  this face-palm moment in the middle of creativity. I also learned that this lovely little gadget, pictured below, will solve my problem of firing ornaments that have been glazed on both sides.

What is it?
My newest gadget: A bead rack
Bead rack used for ornaments too!
Bead rack used for ornaments too!

While necessity may be the mother of invention, I say necessity can be the mother of resourcefulness and internet purchasing!

Now, off to load the kiln!

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