Cracks and All!

This sweet little bowl is still functional despite the tiny crack on the bottom. Rather than unlist this fun size little bowl, I decided to list it in my shop on Esty at a discounted price.

TmkuTq Small Bowl 1TmkuTqSmallBowl2
I was thrilled when Donna Smith of Reformed Metals purchased the bowl.  She said, “I love it all the more because it has the crack.”  She also featured this sweet little bowl on her facebook page:

While living in Poland I was able to see a potter forming pottery spinning the rustic wheel with his weathered foot. I bought a small blue bowl from him that has been by my stove for three years now. It can only be hand washed and unfortunately the edges are often chipping off into my butter. Today while washing it I thought “It’s time for a new butter bowl, I’ll have to search Etsy.” I wanted handmade, there is something so special about it.

I hopped onto our shop and because this other Etsy shop liked one of our items I was able to find this special little bowl. Handmade. With a little crack, which means it has to be hand washed. Perfect. I bonded with it :). It’s beautiful and matches my glass tile backsplash! Can’t wait to get it…

It warms my heart this cute little bowl found a new home ~ a cherished piece cracks and all!

See Donna’s shop:  Reformed Metals: Upcycled Metal Decor for Home & Living  on Etsy.

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