Ambient Heat

The good news is our circuit breaker is working as it should!  The bad news is it is too hot outside!  Apparently, the hot summer heat in addition to the electrical heat from running the kiln created sooooo much heat that the circuit tripped  during my glaze firing on Monday.

Not sure how to take a picture of ambient heat but I'm hot just looking at the temperature!  ;)
Not sure how to take a picture of ambient heat but I’m hot just looking at the temperature! 😉

Two factors combine to heat up wires and circuits:  heat in the surrounding air (ambient heat) and the electrical current running through the wires.  According to recent studies by the Copper Development Association ambient temperatures in attics and garages can be any where from 30°F to 50°F higher than the outside temperature. Combine ambient temperature with the huge amount of hot electrical current from the kiln and a very hot environment is created thus tripping the circuit breaker. [Your Physics lesson for the day.]

I refired the kiln late last night into the wee hours of the morning when the outside temperature was somewhat cooler. I am happy to say this firing went much more smoothly – no interruption in firing!  Hoping to unload the new pet dishes tomorrow! Due to ambient heat, the pet dishes are too hot to handle!  (Okay, maybe I’m a  little impatient. Everything is working as it should!)

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