Spring Training Continues

Over the weekend we brought my pottery wheel  to the basement from the man cave (a.k.a. garage).

My pottery wheel is in the basement . . .
My pottery wheel is in the basement!

Wheel maintenance will start this week to make sure everything is in tip top shape for this throwing season.  The first thing I need to check out is  why the wheel head continues to rotate when the foot pedal is in the off position. To have the wheel head spin when you don’t want it to spin can lead to a disastrous situation!  While I have the cover off of the foot pedal, I’ll adjust the wheel speed and adjust the pedal tension to my liking.

The Brent wheel owner’s manual suggests checking for wear and tear on the drive belt and checking the belt tension.  The manual also suggested “replacing the motor brushes every 5,000 hours of operation”.  I’m not sure what “motor brushes” are exactly but maybe they will become apparent once I take a look around all of the wheel’s working parts.  Hopefully, when I’m all done with my wheel maintenance, all the working parts will still be working!


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