1st Dish of the Season!

Fresh off the wheel!
Fresh off the wheel!

Brushing up on my throwing skills and math skills this week.Upon occasion, I have a customer that would like a dish to be a specific size. For more accuracy, I’m finding math helps!

For example:

I want to make a dish that will be 5 inches after the final firing.

The clay I use to make the dish shrinks 12%.

What size should I make the dish to start with?


Going back to my algebra days…


So, my starting size would be 5.68 inches; although, I would most likely round up to 5 3/4 inches.  5 3/4 inches is certainly easier to find on the ruler than 5.68 inches!  I’m curious to learn how all this math and measuring will help my throwing accuracy!  Stay tuned! 😉

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