Summer in Full Swing

This summer is filled with sandboxes, wading pools and playing with dump trucks with our first grandchild!

img_4002 fotor

Needless to say pottery has taken a back seat.  Oh I’m still throwing!  My production is just not as quick this summer as in past summers. Sales on Etsy are going strong.  In fact, I just finished an order of pet dishes and tumblers: here, here and here!


Currently, I’m working on more brown and turquoise plates (I sold them all in March!). At the rate I’m throwing this summer,  I hope to have four plates finished by the first week  last week of August (thrown, bisqued fired, glazed and fired again.)

img_8482-web-ready fotorIn the mean time, I will  enjoy the little things . . . sandboxes, wading pools, dump trucks and our wonderfully curious grandchild!

Curious about what is in the big silver hot thing on Grandma's Back Porch Studio!
Curious about what is in the big silver hot thing on Grandma’s Back Porch Studio! (Actually, it is not hot.  It has cooled off enough to touch all the pretty tumblers in the kiln!)

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