Winter Is For The Birds

I’m eager to dirty my hands in the mud meanwhile winter is in full swing.

IMG_8582 2 blog


This winter has been extraordinarily fun.  Our grandson loves the outdoors.  The snow and cold will not keep him inside so I follow him around with my camera as he discovers a winter wonderland.

Along with discovering the wonders of winter, we started feeding and watching the birds.  After Christmas, we took our Christmas tree out to the back porch and decorated it again except this time with suet and grapefruit feeders for the birds.

winter-2015-blogWhile waiting for warmer weather, we enjoy watching our feathered friends and the rascally furry ones too.

winter for birds



2 responses to “Winter Is For The Birds

  1. I love all of this….it makes snowy weather look desirable. 🙂
    I especially ole the treats hung on you Christmas Tree outside for the little critters.

    • Taking the Christmas Tree down after the holidays always saddened me. Using the Christmas Tree to feed our feathered friends brought new life to the tree as well as the back porch. 😉

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