DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

It is pouring rain and I’m on Pinterest.  A friend and I have been brainstorming about unique handmade Mother’s Day Gifts for our grandchildren’s mothers.  Both of us are looking into a textile gift of some sort.

In my search for  DIY Mother’s Day gifts, I thought of something that might be special and fun.  Long ago, my mother-in-law made bean bags from pieces of scrap material from clothing she made the kids when they were little.  Not only did our children play with these handmade bean bags,  our grandson and I now play with these very bean bags!  So,  if you have fabric/old children’s clothing,  make some bean bags for the kids/grand-kids. Tossing a bean bag is great fun and it helps with eye hand coordination.

What child doesn’t like to pound with a hammer?  This is an awesome idea via Pinterest: Pounded Flower Tote  where your you make flower prints on fabric with flowers and a hammer!  We did something similar last summer but we made flower prints on paper rather than on fabric ~ flower prints on fabric is a possibility this year!

Children.  Paint. Feet.  Yes, there is a craft for that!  Check out “6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Make“. My favorite craft listed is the “Walk All Over Me” t-shirt!  Our grandson has had practice with paint on his feet but on pieces of 12 x 12 white scrap book pages to use in a scrap book:

Back to Pinerest because it is STILL raining.



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