The Story of A Mug: Part One

It all starts with a lump of clay.

The lump of clay is placed on the pottery wheel and centered by the potter’s hands.

Once centered, the potter opens up the ball of clay. . .

. . . and pulls it up for height.

It is shaped into a simple cylinder . . .

. . . then shaped.

And shaped some more.

After shaping, it is ready to to be taken off the potter’s wheel.

Next, a handle is formed and attached.


Timing is everything when adding handles to mugs.

Both mug and handle have to be at the right dampness.

Not too wet.

  Not too dry.

After the handle is attached to the mug, the mug is set to slowly air dry which takes about 5 to 7 days.

Once the mug has been allowed to air dry, the mug is considered to be “bone dry” then it’s time to turn up the heat to rid the clay of water and to prepare the clay for glazes.

Stay tuned for The Story of a Mug: Part Two where the mug goes though two firings in the kiln!

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