Family Threads

I am forever grateful for the sense of peace I had in June with my Mom during her last days in hospice care.

All transgressions fell aside.  They mattered no more.

There was simply acceptance, love and peace.

Today, I find myself longing for the peace I had in June.


“Families are inherently unmanageable — ragtag armies at times, yet with a unity even they don’t fully understand. Someone is always pulling a thread, throwing the whole thing askew. Yet the threads remain, binding us to one another even when geography and other priorities pull us apart. Christmas seems to magnify everything; the season is never smooth, is always dramatic in one way or another.” ~Patti Davis

Death seems to magnify inherently frail and unmanageable family relationships.

Resentment, envy and entitlement reared their ugly disgusting head nullifying any sense of peace I had with my Mom’s passing.

How I wish I could recapture that peace.

How I wish I could share that peace with my sibling.


2 thoughts on “Family Threads

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  1. I love this picture of you, your mom, and your brother.
    Your mom is beautiful.
    Baking as a family.
    What a beautiful and profound memory!

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