Is There An Easy Fix?

Apparently I have done something to mess up my blog’s navigation system.

My admin tool bar does not appear at the top of my blog when I’m logged in on my Apple computer nor does the action bar located bottom right of my screen. Both provide shortcuts for navigating around on my blog and WordPress.

My admin tool bar and action bar do appear when I am on my husbands computer running Windows.

The Toolbar connects the front end (your ‘live’ site) to the back end (your site admin area) of your website and enables you to perform specific functions from either end. It is only visible if you are logged into your admin area Dashboard.

When I log in and go to my dashboard, I do see the admin tool bar. After I write a post, publish then view my home page or the post itself, there is no admin tool bar at the top of my screen and I’m still logged in.

Because the admin tool bar is not at the top of my screen, I have to scroll all the waaaaay down to the bottom of the page and click on “Blog At WordPress .com” in order to get back to my dashboard. What a PIA!

No Admin Tool Bar 😦

For most of the afternoon I have been reading how to resolve this problem.

And let me tell you, the fix doesn’t sound easy!

Or is it?

Why does the admin tool bar and action bar show on a Windows computer but not an Apple?

Is there an easy fix for that?

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