New Neighbor

We have a new neighbor.

Moved Dug in under our shed undetected late fall of 2020 leaving a huge hole and pile of dirt.

We have observed the new neighbor is not social this time of year.

No sign of animal activity such as animal tracks or poo.

This can only mean one thing.

It is hibernating.

I think it is safe to say it is not a bear but I could be wrong.

We lived through 2020.

2021 started off with a bang.

2021 said to 2020, “Hold my beer!”

So, I won’t totally rule out the bear.

Or beer. I think we are gonna need more beer this year . . . just say’n.

This is a big hole!

I think what we have burrowed under our shed is a Marmota monax, a groundhog, a woodchuck . . THE Punxsutawney Phil hibernating under our shed!

I don’t blame Punxsutawney Phil choosing to burrow under our shed.

He/She is just steps away from a delightful delicacy of strawberries, black berries, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, sunflowers and so much more!

February 2nd is Groundhog Day here in the States.

Groundhog Day falls on February 2 in the United States, coinciding with Candlemas. It is a part of popular culture among many Americans and it centers on the idea of the groundhog coming out of its home to “predict” the weather.

If the groundhog sees its shadow (meaning clear and sunny February 2nd), it will return to its burrow under our shed and we will have six more weeks of winter.

Conversely, if the groundhog does not see its shadow (meaning cloudy), spring will arrive early and we can look forward to the groundhog feasting on all of our early spring crops.

So, if we are not under 4 feet of snow February 2nd as the weather people are calling for, we will pull out our camp chairs and wait for Punxsutawney Phil . . . .

Photo by Mac DeStroir on

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