Epic Pinterest Recipe Fail

We had our grandson last week. 

One day we decided to make a “Chocolate Flower Petal Parfait Cup”. 

I saw the recipe and video online thanks to Pinterest and thought that would be fun to make with our grandson. 

It did not go as exactly as planned . . .

My Pinterest find was an epic fail on a grand scale.

Melted chocolate everywhere!

Husband, who was working from home, observed the whole chocolate explosion from the dinning room table.

Because he thought we must have done something wrong he proceeded to do just as the recipe instructed: dip ballon into melted chocolate but different

He received the same results as grandson and I.

MELTED CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE on top of the other melted chocolate everywhere!

More laughter at our disasterous recipe fail!

In MY defense, the recipe for the Chocolate Flower Petal Parfait Cup” was LACKING in ingredients and method!!!

The recipe called for “3.5 ounces of chocolate”.

What kind of chocolate? The recipe never said what kind of chocolate leaving ME to my own chocolate resources!

I am a visual learner therefore I followed the VIDEO method not paying to close attention to the WORDS as shown below . . .

“Inflated water balloon”

Was the “water balloon” supposed to be filled with water or air?

The balloon in the video was NOT FILLED WITH WATER!

See for yourself: VIDEO HERE

You watch.

You decide.

Despite the epic recipe fail, we made memories with much laughter, yummy ice cream, fruit and chocolate!

YUM! Better than the Pinterest recipe!

For the next nine months, I’m sure we will be finding splashes of melted chocolate through out our kitchen which will bring back the memory of the hilarious epic Pinterest fail.

And I will laugh!

A day without laughter is a day wasted. ~Charlie Chaplin

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