Everything Running Smoothly . . .

until it's not! I woke up bright and early this morning in anticipation of a glaze firing - new pet dishes large and small!  Everything was running smoothly until an hour and twenty minutes ago, the last leg of the firing, when the circuit breaker tripped.   I tried resetting the circuit breaker and restarting the... Continue Reading →

Crazed and Confused, No More!

In February I discovered some of my pottery developed crazing – small hairline cracks that appear in the clear glaze giving a crackle effect.  This crackle effect was not intentional.  Since then, I've been reading and contemplating what to do with the seven pieces of pottery that exhibited the crazing. Last week, I decided to... Continue Reading →

Refire. Round Two.

It may not be the circuit breaker after all. After my technical team looked over the kiln, he discovered that two wires on one of the switches where touching!  Egads! That's not supposed to happen!  The two touching wires may have been causing the circuit breaker to trip. I'm refiring today and it is almost... Continue Reading →

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