Hooray! It’s Spring!

We started our garden inside except for the peas which we planted outside last month.¬† So far we have planted the seeds for lettuce, squash, zucchini, cilantro and tomatoes ( Thank you Shelley H! ūüėČ ) Now we watch, water and wait... Meanwhile . . .

Hooray! It’s Today!

Happy New Year! A new week! A new day! Hooray! I made no New Year's resolutions. In fact, a long time ago I resolved not to make New Year's resolutions. Instead¬† I decided to make daily resolutions or, as some may call them, daily affirmations.¬† Daily resolutions are much less daunting. The intent is for... Continue Reading →

Last Bisque Firing of the Season

The kiln is loaded.¬† Ready to bisque fire tomorrow. Bisque firing is the first firing at a low temperature.¬† This first firing prepares the clay for glazing by removing all of the moisture from the piece leaving it porous but hard. The bisqued pieces are then ready for glazes.¬† After the pieces are glazed, they... Continue Reading →

Busy Hands Busy Minds

I have not had a lot of time for pottery this year. That is not to say I have not been busy. Our grandson comes over every day.¬† His little hands are busy as well as his mind exploring the world around him.¬† While his hands are busy, my hands are busy clicking my camera... Continue Reading →

Winter Is For The Birds

I'm eager to dirty my hands in the mud meanwhile winter is in full swing.   This winter has been extraordinarily fun.¬† Our grandson loves the outdoors.¬† The snow and cold will not keep him inside so I follow him around with my camera as he discovers a winter wonderland. Along with discovering the wonders... Continue Reading →

Summer in Full Swing

This summer is filled with sandboxes, wading pools and playing with dump trucks with our first grandchild! Needless to say pottery has taken a back seat.¬† Oh I'm still throwing!¬† My production is just not as quick this summer as in past summers. Sales on Etsy are going strong.¬† In fact, I just finished an... Continue Reading →

Spring Training Continues

Over the weekend we brought my pottery wheel¬† to the basement from the man cave (a.k.a. garage). Wheel maintenance will start this week to make sure everything is in tip top shape for this throwing season.¬† The first thing I need to check out is¬† why the wheel head continues to rotate when the foot... Continue Reading →

Spring Training!

It's that time of year where I reclaim the earth one bucket at a time! I wedged 20.5 pounds of clay yesterday.¬† The balls of clay (see photo above) are ready to be thrown onto the wheel and molded into something spectacular! Sadly, though, I'm not in tip-top shape. (And it's still pretty darn cold... Continue Reading →

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