Summer in Full Swing

This summer is filled with sandboxes, wading pools and playing with dump trucks with our first grandchild! Needless to say pottery has taken a back seat.  Oh I'm still throwing!  My production is just not as quick this summer as in past summers. Sales on Etsy are going strong.  In fact, I just finished an... Continue Reading →

My Newest Favorite!

I made three little test tumblers to try out a new glaze combination. I am thrilled with the results so much so, I'm going to make more! The weather is perfect today so back behind the wheel I go!

Bowls, Plates and Cups. Oh my!

I've been busy glazing and firing this month! Over thirty new items to add to my Etsy shop. Pictured above is about three kiln loads which averages about twelve to fifteen pieces per load. I have about that many more pieces to glaze and fire in the next few weeks.

Coming Soon!

Finally, a break in the soggy, rainy, humid, gray weather! We had this stagnate weather for 20 days.   Despite the weather, I've been busy on the back porch . . . All the pieces pictured finally air dried -greenware is the term for this stage. (Nothing like watching clay dry on wet humid days!) ... Continue Reading →

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