The Gift of Giving Handmade

So many beautiful handmade things on Etsy by wonderfully talented people.  If you have not yet checked out Etsy, why not take a few minutes to look around.  There is something for everyone on your shopping list this year!  Here are just a few that are my favorites: Christen Largent of bddesigns:   She creates custom... Continue Reading →

Yeah! Plate Day!

The stars and planets must have been aligned just right yesterday. I made one plate right after another for a total of five plates or platters...successfully! I'm looking forward to glazing them to see the final results but first the plates must go through two firings: a bisque firing and then the glaze firing.  Keep... Continue Reading →

Cracks and All!

This sweet little bowl is still functional despite the tiny crack on the bottom. Rather than unlist this fun size little bowl, I decided to list it in my shop on Esty at a discounted price. I was thrilled when Donna Smith of Reformed Metals purchased the bowl.  She said, "I love it all the... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Spring

I can hardly wait to get my hands back into the mud!  Though there are signs of spring, it is still a bit too chilly on the back porch.  I have so many new ideas rolling around in my head~  writing them down on sticky notes or scrap paper.   Thanks to many of my... Continue Reading →

Glazed, Crazed and Confused!

I'm horrified!  Several of my pieces  glazed with a clear glaze have what is called  crazing – small hairline cracks that appear  in the clear glaze giving a crackle effect.  Not the intended result! The crazing does happen to pottery over time but I just fired these in September. The causes, which can be numerous,... Continue Reading →

Uniquely Handmade

(The above graphic was created by our daughter.) How many of us have received a hand-knitted sweater that just didn't really fit, but we can't part with it because it was handmade?  How about a handmade quilt that has been loved to pieces, literally? We can't seem to part with it either.  And what about... Continue Reading →

Feel Good Feedback

I received the following note and photo from a customer: I've been wanting to take a picture of your pottery turned planter, and remembered last night. I'd say the plants love their new home 🙂 This is at work and adds a lot of color!!! I love crocks. We have quite a few around the... Continue Reading →

100 Days till Christmas

It is official!  Today marks 100 days till Christmas. Can you believe it? This means I will have five to six more weeks in my Back Porch Studio throwing pots before the temperature falls! By the end of October, I will have all my pottery glazed and up for sale in my shop! Newest items... Continue Reading →

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