Spring Training Continues

Over the weekend we brought my pottery wheel  to the basement from the man cave (a.k.a. garage). Wheel maintenance will start this week to make sure everything is in tip top shape for this throwing season.  The first thing I need to check out is  why the wheel head continues to rotate when the foot... Continue Reading →

Spring Training!

It's that time of year where I reclaim the earth one bucket at a time! I wedged 20.5 pounds of clay yesterday.  The balls of clay (see photo above) are ready to be thrown onto the wheel and molded into something spectacular! Sadly, though, I'm not in tip-top shape. (And it's still pretty darn cold... Continue Reading →

Ambient Heat

The good news is our circuit breaker is working as it should!  The bad news is it is too hot outside!  Apparently, the hot summer heat in addition to the electrical heat from running the kiln created sooooo much heat that the circuit tripped  during my glaze firing on Monday. Two factors combine to heat... Continue Reading →

Everything Running Smoothly . . .

until it's not! I woke up bright and early this morning in anticipation of a glaze firing - new pet dishes large and small!  Everything was running smoothly until an hour and twenty minutes ago, the last leg of the firing, when the circuit breaker tripped.   I tried resetting the circuit breaker and restarting the... Continue Reading →

Cracks and All!

This sweet little bowl is still functional despite the tiny crack on the bottom. Rather than unlist this fun size little bowl, I decided to list it in my shop on Esty at a discounted price. I was thrilled when Donna Smith of Reformed Metals purchased the bowl.  She said, "I love it all the... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Work. . .

. . . and today's work It would certainly be nice to have two days in a row where I am productive. Yesterday was simply lovely where I made a half dozen new pieces!  Today?  Not so much. A production potter I am not...at least not YET! 😉

Mugs and Handles

I love hand thrown mugs!  I enjoy making my own except the handles.  I just don't have a handle on making handles yet. I could make handleless mugs but I kinda think mugs and handles go hand in hand. Don't you?

Crazed and Confused, No More!

In February I discovered some of my pottery developed crazing – small hairline cracks that appear in the clear glaze giving a crackle effect.  This crackle effect was not intentional.  Since then, I've been reading and contemplating what to do with the seven pieces of pottery that exhibited the crazing. Last week, I decided to... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Spring

I can hardly wait to get my hands back into the mud!  Though there are signs of spring, it is still a bit too chilly on the back porch.  I have so many new ideas rolling around in my head~  writing them down on sticky notes or scrap paper.   Thanks to many of my... Continue Reading →

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