A Whimsical Clay Plaque for a Dear Friend

My most recent project came as a request from a dear friend: a whimsical clay plaque with one of her most cherished quotes from one of her most treasured children’s book  Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney  illustrated by Anita Jeram .

IMG_8839 i

I took special care in creating a design by playing around with different fonts and stamps. I initially used a starburst stamp but I didn’t like it for this particular piece.

IMG_8176 i
My first draft in wet stoneware clay with starbursts.

Not having any luck finding star stamps, our daughter created a set of three star stamps for me. Perfect!

IMG_9824 ii

  Just in case one plaque didn’t come out, I made several!

IMG_8317 i
Air dried stoneware clay (greenware) ready for the first firing.
IMG_8812 i
After the first firing (bisque firing), I used an iron oxide wash to darken and accentuate details on each plaque. The final firing next.

The final firing was a success.  All eight plaques turned out nicely.  I played around with different kinds of wire and found I liked the look of a dark annealed steel wire best.

I really enjoyed working on this project for a very special friend and her daughter! A very special Happy Mother’s Day to you! 😉


These are now available on Etsy in my shop!
I have three available in my shop on Etsy!


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