A Respite from Winter

Miss Kitty and I are enjoying today’s heat wave of 65 degrees!

Looks as if Miss Kitty is grumpy but I can assure you she’s one happy kitty today! She just doesn’t like having her picture taken. LOL.

While Miss Kitty roams around the back yard, I set to work on my new molds.

Plaster molds for my small side dishes. Now I can make more than one at a time!

Last winter I had one mold to produce unique organic shaped shallow dishes or bowls.

  Because these dishes sold well, I wanted to increase my production.

  Now, I can make four or five at a time with the aid of this slab roller I bought over the summer!

  This will keep me busy until the weather turn warm enough for me to throw things on my back porch!




The Quiet after The Holidays


The hustle and bustle of the holidays are but a memory. Though the days are colder, the days are growing  longer.

I find respite in the months of January and February as does Mother Nature under the thick white snow.

On the surface, it looks as if there is not much going on but I can assure you much is happening in preparation for spring.

UPDATE: food for thought on this February 1st: 

I think winter is the season for introverts. It’s the time of year when Mother Nature begs us to slow down and curl up. The world around us seems to take a collective breath. Winter is a good time for reflection. It feels like the only time of year when humanity says it’s okay to hole away at home.



Before and After

Before.  I was heart broken to discover  a piece of grog caused a big chip in this cute mug. Rather than pitch it, I tried to salvage it.   I picked out the piece of grog with my needle tool then sanded and sanded and sanded the chip to smooth it out in the hopes that the glaze would “hide” the huge crater.

After a lot of hard work dealing with unusual grog particles in my clay over the summer, I am happy to report not all was a loss! Tickled with the glaze results in these two turquoise & brown mugs! Just listed in my shop, back porch studio, on Etsy!



New Clay! Great Things!

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel early this month due to groggy clay , I decided to talk to the folks at my local pottery supply store to see if they could recommend a new clay body similar to what I had been using for over ten years.

I am SO happy I did!  Not only did they recommend an excellent replacement, they said that I was not the only one to experience devastating results from this particular clay body. Now, I just wish I would have talked to them sooner; never the less, I have had excellent results with my new clay!

I made four test bowls to see how the clay reacted with the glazes I am currently using. The results are spectacular! The new clay body is so light and maintains the speckled effect that I and my customers really like.

This is my second set of dinner plates I made but with the NEW clay! The first set was with the grog laden clay which lead to catastrophic and heartbreaking results.

And, ta-dah! The final result with the NEW clay!

Thanks to the new clay, great things will happen!

Thank you Erin & Lynn!