Cute, Adorable and Swanky!

Our grandson looks quite swanky in his “Easy as Pi” shirt from Swanky Shank on Etsy.

I love the play on words as well as the design.

So creative and fun!

 It took some coaxing before our grandson would let me get a picture of him in his swanky new shirt.

He  relented by asking me to take a picture of his digger!  So, I snapped!

Cute, adorable and swanky!
Cute, adorable and swanky!
I love the shirt. It is so soft.  I love the packaging too.

Check out Swanky Shank on Etsy for cute, adorable and swanky  handmade children’s clothing. Truly, one of a kind and heirloom quality clothing for  infants to 8 years old. You will LOVE it and I bet you will find something swanky for the children in your life!

Read more about Swanky Shank here: “Swanky Shank’s Pint-Sized Style”.





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