Signs of Spring 2017

We have had a terrible cold and flu season.  So much coughing and so much mucus (TMI, I know but still . . . so much!).  This past week has been fairly mild so we went on a walk to look for signs of spring.

Picture taken by our grandson while on a walk around the yard looking for signs of spring. (A little blurry but still so cute. Our grandson got his feet too!) The yellow flowers are called Winter Aconites. These are always the first to bloom and such cheery sight to see on cold gray February days.
Dino toddler broke out his garden tools this week and headed to the garden.  He dug and sifted through the rich garden soil.  (Look how green the grass is already. We will be mowing by Saint Patrick’s Day!)
IMG_9881 color splash web
Soon, it will be time to plant peas.

Looking forward to planting our peas around Saint Patrick’s Day and planning our vegetable garden.  This year we will need to move and consolidate some raised beds due to some white pines that are encroaching into our sunny  garden spot which is okay because that means less is more.

I want to use the space more efficiently.  Instead of planting two, three or four of each kind of vegetable, simply plant one of each such as one cherry tomato, one regular size tomato (haven’t decided which kind yet), one squash, one zucchini and cucumber.  Every year I plant WAY more than we can handle and by July we are overwhelmed!  That is my  gardening plan and I’m sticking to it!

As for pottery, I have plans!  I am eager to try some new ideas I read about this year.

If this mild weather continues and colds and flu stay at bay, I will have my hands in mud one way or another!  Yeah, spring!

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