Shooting The Moon

I learned a lot about shooting the moon.

The Harvest Moon illuminated night sky the weekend of September 13, 2019.

So, I grabbed my camera and tripod.

The sky was not 100% clear on Friday night but thought the clouds added drama.


I was disappointed, however,  to see that my photographs were not as clear as I expected.

So, back to the drawing board for me.

It’s back to the drawing board!

I learned that shutter speed should be much higher than what I would normally use for night time photography.


Because, the earth and the moon are moving pretty darn fast!

“The moon orbits the Earth at approximately 2,290 mile per hour. That is fast. Luckily, because it is a mean distance of 238,855 miles, it doesn’t streak overhead at more than there time the speed of sound. However, it is moving and shooting with a slower shutter speed will cause the moon to blur in your images.” ~


My shutter speed was too slow in the above photos.

Shutter speeds of 1/15 to 1/30.

Luckily, I had a second chance on Saturday night.

I increased my shutter speed to 1/800, ISO 800, F8 with my 75-300mm lens.

Hurray for 2nd chances!

Hurray for the Moon!

Sometimes I do get to places just when God is ready to have somebody click the shutter.” ~Ansel Adams


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