Checking In

Happy whatever day it is!

With dear husband working from home since mid-March, it is as if every day is Saturday.

Not that he works from home on Saturdays but he is home.

Every day.

Both of us in the house through the week has taken some getting used to.

I think we will survive.

* * * * *

Spring has sprung.

With spring comes a flurry of activity!

Grass needs mowed.

Weeds need pulled.

Garden needs planted.

Between torrents of rain, we planted our lettuce, spinach and peas.

A tradition of planting peas every year with our grandson.            Photograph taken April 2015.


* * * * *

I am back behind my wheel.

Production is seemingly slow.

I am waiting for a few things I ordered online for the kiln.

Shipping seems to have slowed which is to be expected these days.

* * * * *

How are you all doing?

Are you finding it difficult to keep track of what day it is throughout the covid-19 quarantine/stay-at-home regulation?

Hit the “Like” button and drop me a line in the comment section.

Thank you for stopping by. 😀

Until next time, be well.




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