A Meeting of The Cats or Not

As you may know, we adopted my mother-in-law’s cats in January.

It has been quite a challenge.

Each cat is very peculiar.

Meet Sweetie

Indoor lap cat. From what I can glean from mother in law’s photos, Sweetie is about 12 or 13 years old. Very accustomed to living as sole house cat in charge. His room is in my office. (His choice not mine.) He sleeps under my desk on some folded blankets. He is not used to all of my activity. He is more accustom to a lap most of the day. I think he has a special power. He often stares at the walls as if he is peering into another dimension.

Meet Midnight

Semi-feral cat. I think he is over 10 years old. Midnight is a big chicken but very affectionate. He is finally growing used to the TV. At first, he was so scared of the TV that he would hide under the couch when the TV was on. As he grew more accustomed to the TV, he would just sit and stare at the TV screen. He would blink. Lick his front paw. Blink and then run under the couch. Today, he will sit with me for a while in the recliner as I watch TV. After a while, he’s had enough and goes back under the couch.

Meet Boo

Feral cat. About the same age as Midnight, 10 or so years old. Boo seems to be curious about things now but she will not let me touch her. I find her in the bookshelves. Which reminds me, I need to move a few things off the bookshelves this week . . . just for her. I find her on the couch more often now than under. Today I vacuumed downstairs and it barely fazed her. She moved away but watched and watched curiously and cautiously.

Sweetie is housed upstairs while Midnight and Boo are downstairs in the basement with the intention of introducing them at some point in the hopes of living happily ever after under one roof.

Living happily ever after under one roof may take longer than I expected.

The other morning I woke up to howling, hissing and growling outside our bedroom.

Apparently, husband did not securely close the door to the basement the night before.

Well, Curious Boo made her way upstairs in through the kitchen, dining room and down the hall where she meet Sweetie.

From the sounds coming down the hallway to our room, the meeting was not going well!

To my surprise, Sweetie was quite the aggressor.

Boo was hunkered down as Sweetie towered over her.

Not awake, I stepped in between them.

Boo took off running under our bed with Sweetie in hot pursuit.

More hissing and howling ensued from under our bed.

As I crouched down beside the bed, Boo shot out from under and ran across the hall into my office with Sweetie right behind her.

After picking myself up off the bedroom floor ( not an easy thing to do at 55 early in the morning before coffee), I went into my office where I found Boo on my desk looking up at the shelves of my pottery. (I’m a potter, in case you didn’t know.)

Sweetie was right on her tail.

He leaped into my desk chair.

His eyes fixed on Boo.

Boo’s eyes fixed on the shelves.

Anticipating what Boo’s next move would be, my pottery shelf, I grabbed Sweetie by the scruff of the neck so as not to be clawed or bitten.

I tossed him onto our bed and shut the bedroom door.

Boo swiftly jumped off my desk and fled downstairs to the basement where I closed the door firmly behind her.

All was quiet . . .

As I made my way to the bedroom to put on my housecoat and slippers, my husband, who was still in bed, asked, “What is going on?”

“Nothing,” I replied.

“Go back to sleep.”

I shut the bedroom door behind me.

It was 6:45 a.m.

Needless to say, the cats have not been too adventurous this week.

Nor am I in a hurry to introduce the three cats.

In the mean time, the basement door will be closed.

Tightly closed.

Checking once.

Checking twice.

Checking three times before bed.

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