Winter is Here

Days in my back porch studio are numbered.   The days are growing shorter and colder.  Woke up to snow and ice this morning. Winter is here. This summer was my most productive!  I made over 100 pieces.  Now, I will be spending my time taking photographs of each piece, writing descriptions and putting them up for sale in my Esty shop just in time for the holidays! 🙂 Continue reading Winter is Here

Bowls, Plates and Cups. Oh my!

I’ve been busy glazing and firing this month! Over thirty new items to add to my Etsy shop. Pictured above is about three kiln loads which averages about twelve to fifteen pieces per load. I have about that many more pieces to glaze and fire in the next few weeks. Continue reading Bowls, Plates and Cups. Oh my!

Necessity is the mother of invention…

. . .or something like that! I decided to make some ornaments this year: snowflakes, mittens and hearts.  I had fun  rolling out the clay and cutting out various shapes with cookie cutters.  I bisque fired the ornaments in preparation for glazing.  After dipping the very first snowflake into the glaze, I had a face-palm moment.  I realized  I did not think this whole process through to the very end!  How was I going to fire the ornaments after glazing both sides without the ornaments sticking to the kiln shelf? I did desperate search on the interwebtubes. I found out … Continue reading Necessity is the mother of invention…

Happy New Year!

January and February are becoming my favorite months of the year.  Time seems to slow down – a short respite, so to speak.  Thoughts turn to neglected activities: tidying up my shop from the holiday flurry; taking inventory of supplies; organizing receipts for tax time (oh joy); sorting photographs and files on the computer; catching up on reading; looking ahead and planning for the New Year.  Anxiously awaiting warmer weather, new ideas and muddy hands! Continue reading Happy New Year!

Uniquely Handmade

(The above graphic was created by our daughter.) How many of us have received a hand-knitted sweater that just didn’t really fit, but we can’t part with it because it was handmade?  How about a handmade quilt that has been loved to pieces, literally? We can’t seem to part with it either.  And what about the handmade Popsicle stick houses or Macaroni collages our children made for us? Nope, just can’t part with those works of art.  I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why handmade gifts are so special.  Each reason is as unique as the handmade … Continue reading Uniquely Handmade

A Place to Keep Your Stuff

We are always looking for a place to put our stuff and something to carry all our stuff. Check out these fabulous handmade purses, totes and bags from fellow Etsyians; lovely and unique ways to carry our stuff! Lynda of LBArtworks creates and designs these one of a kind purses.  Each purse is beautifully hand crafted and inspired by nature.  I have a difficult time picking out just one purse!  All of her work is lovely. Meejo of ACAmour makes awesome one of a kind handbags in addition to diaper bags, jewelry and accessories.  This gorgeous hobo bag is eye … Continue reading A Place to Keep Your Stuff

100 Days till Christmas

It is official!  Today marks 100 days till Christmas. Can you believe it? This means I will have five to six more weeks in my Back Porch Studio throwing pots before the temperature falls! By the end of October, I will have all my pottery glazed and up for sale in my shop! Newest items will include  luminaries and pet dishes large and small. In the meantime, check out my shop.  I’m currently offering free shipping! If you have any questions, contact me at Continue reading 100 Days till Christmas