New Clay! Great Things!

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel early this month due to groggy clay , I decided to talk to the folks at my local pottery supply store to see if they could recommend a new clay body similar to what I had been using for over ten years.

I am SO happy I did!  Not only did they recommend an excellent replacement, they said that I was not the only one to experience devastating results from this particular clay body. Now, I just wish I would have talked to them sooner; never the less, I have had excellent results with my new clay!

I made four test bowls to see how the clay reacted with the glazes I am currently using. The results are spectacular! The new clay body is so light and maintains the speckled effect that I and my customers really like.

This is my second set of dinner plates I made but with the NEW clay! The first set was with the grog laden clay which lead to catastrophic and heartbreaking results.

And, ta-dah! The final result with the NEW clay!

Thanks to the new clay, great things will happen!

Thank you Erin & Lynn!






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