Take Time

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~ Elizabeth Lawrence  It is officially autumn. The falling leaves gather around my pottery wheel on my back porch which means my throwing days have come to an end. … Continue reading Take Time

Merry & Bright

What!? I haven’t posted since October 22nd?! 😱 Well, happy December! We flew through Halloween! Then Thanksgiving happened in the blink of an eye. Now, December is upon us as well snow . . . . . .and baking season. Cookies, breads … Continue reading Merry & Bright

Before and After

After a lot of hard work dealing with unusual grog particles in my clay over the summer, I am happy to report not all was a loss! Tickled with the glaze results in these two turquoise & brown mugs! Just … Continue reading Before and After

Hooray! It’s Today!

Happy New Year! A new week! A new day! Hooray! I made no New Year’s resolutions. In fact, a long time ago I resolved not to make New Year’s resolutions. Instead  I decided to make daily resolutions or, as some may call them, daily affirmations.  Daily resolutions are much less daunting. The intent is for the day rather than for a WHOLE year.  Think about that . . .a WHOLE year. That is 365 days! I do set long term goals such as eating healthier, exercising more, getting more sleep and not swearing (as much) but these goals need tweaking … Continue reading Hooray! It’s Today!


I am happy to announce my newest items I am adding to my Etsy shop:  whimsical wall art plaques!  I am thrilled to be able to continue to work with clay inside this winter where it is nice an warm as opposed to my back porch where it is very cold, icy and snowy this time of year. I roll out a slab of light brown reclaimed stoneware clay then cut out free from shapes.  Next, I hand stamp quotes I find whimsical and inspiring then embellish each plaque with stamps collected through the years.  Each plaque come with a … Continue reading Announcement!

What’s New?

Below are pictures of a few things I made this summer on my back porch. All are available to purchase on Etsy at Back Porch Studio: Winter is on its way.  Time to move all my pottery stuff inside.  I did, however, find something new to keep me busy and out of trouble through the winter!  Stay tuned for I hope to post my NEW projects by the end of November! Continue reading What’s New?

Happy New Year!

January and February are becoming my favorite months of the year.  Time seems to slow down – a short respite, so to speak.  Thoughts turn to neglected activities: tidying up my shop from the holiday flurry; taking inventory of supplies; organizing receipts for tax time (oh joy); sorting photographs and files on the computer; catching up on reading; looking ahead and planning for the New Year.  Anxiously awaiting warmer weather, new ideas and muddy hands! Continue reading Happy New Year!