Wordless Rainy Thursday


Maybe not wordless but it is raining, again, and it is Thursday.

So,what does one do on the back porch when it is raining?

Take pictures, of course!

Can you see the rain? I could have shot this with a lower shutter speed but that would mean I would have to unearth my tripod. Rest assured, I will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of falling rain. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says more rain to come this summer.
A close up of the impatiens drenched in rain! Not a typo. That is impatiens without the “t” but it sounds like there is a “t” after the “n” and before the “s”, right?
I found the water droplets on the hotsa leaf very intriguing so I snapped!

Aside from taking pictures of my rainy day, I did load the kiln to fire tomorrow.

A glaze firing!

I am  looking forward to Sunday when I can unload the kiln and take more pictures of rainy days from my back porch!

When you have lemons make lemonade and when you have rain shoot raindrops. ~Pam

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