Wordless Wednesday: Straight Out of the Camera

Finally, after a very wet, gray and dreary spring, an abundance of sunshine this week!

Sun burst, blue sky and white puffy clouds straight out of my camera (except resizing for the internet). 18 mm f/22 1/100 ISO 100


I took advantage of the natural sunlight streaming through a basement window to shoot some new pottery pieces I made with new clay and glazes.

I am pleased to say all of all of these pieces are pit free AND the photos in this post are  straight out of camera (SOOC) thanks to Audrey of Live Snap Love!

New clay! Left: Turquoise on new clay. Middle: Rutile Blue on new clay. Right: New glaze, sepia, on new clay


I quickly grew tired of mixing my own clay because it takes time away from throwing things (producing!). So searched and searched and searched for a new clay body. I think I found it!  Pictured on the left is my own mixture of two clay bodies (which is a lot of work!). Pictured on the right is the new clay body from AMACO https://www.amaco.com/


This a a new glaze over a white porcelain clay. I love how it separates into a “scarlet and gray” . . . O – H -I -O !


I unearthed an old glaze and used it with an white porcelain clay. . . and WOW! I will be using this combo more!



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