Where The Wild Things Are Part III

I spent the day weeding yesterday.

Wore myself out and ended up going to bed rather early.

I woke up to an array of wild life this morning!

A praying mantis hanging from a sunflower bloom munching on a wasp.
A very hungry caterpillar feasting on what is left of dill.
Luckily, I harvested the dill last weekend.
Happy to share left overs!
And these critters keep showing up causing mayhem on the
back porch.
Those rascally raccoons found the sweet nectar of the gods in our
30 ounce humming bird feeder.
They drank the WHOLE thing!
The raccoons befouled Miss Kitty’s water bowl.
Miss Kitty was highly offended and took refuge among the hostas not to be seen for the rest of the day.

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