What did I do on my summer vacation?

Mid September and the leaves are starting to change color but it is still summer to me!

Originally posted in September 2018! Not much has changed in our backyard. We are a little older and hopefully a little wiser.  

Summer vacation?

Well, I really didn’t have one but I sure enjoyed my summer!

I enjoy summer, vacation or not.

Summer is my favorite season!

Being on our back porch throwing things, watching our grandson explore and play plus enjoying the fruits of our labor from our garden is bliss.

Oh sure, I’d love to go somewhere where the sand is white . . .

and the water is blue . . .

We have it all right here in our back yard.

Explore exotic critters at a zoo?


We have them right here in our back yard!

A praying mantis on my pottery sponge watching me throw things on my wheel.  Look at that face!
The very hungry caterpillar is why I can not grow parsley.
And snakes!
Grandson and I enjoy the sun flowers we plant every year. Not only do we love watching them bloom, the birds and squirrels enjoy the sunflower seeds late summer early fall!
And, of course, an occasional rainbow appears in our back yard.

So, that is what I did on my summer vacation – a stay-cation.

“Home is the comfiest place to be.” ~Winnie the Pooh

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