Well, Sleet!

What beautiful weather we had last week!  

Clear blue sunny sky. 

Flowers blooming.

Birds, bees and kitties busy. 

Note the elevated Kitty water bowl: a TONKA Toy dump truck.

This TONKA dump truck has been through two generations (children & grandchildren) and now serves as our back porch watering hole for cats, birds, squirrels, raccoons and an occasional bee or wasp. 😉

I dusted off my pottery wheel . . .

. . . and started throwing 1/4 pound – 1/2 pound balls of clay into little bowls which will be small trinket dishes, kitchen prep bowls and small pet dishes.

I was pretty productive UNTIL . . .


I completely missed a step and down I went off the deck.

I’m okay. No broken bones but soooo sore and stiff.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Well, sleet!

And sleet it did!

I can recuperate under a blanket with a good book and not feel too bad about not being productive today.

4 thoughts on “Well, Sleet!

  1. This is so strange to read as I am sitting here with my knee wrapped in Castor Oil. No idea what I did except go for a first bike ride without apparent issues. Next thing I know I’m sitting in my jewelry studio the next day, get up to walk somewhere in the room and stabbing pain through my knee. I can barely walk. 😬

    So here’s to you and me to feel better quick so we can get back to our passions!!

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