Throwback Thursday: Squirrel!

I meant to publish this yesterday . . . Thursday . . .Now Friday 🙄

Posted originally on my other blog, Grandma Is Blogging, in 2018.

Slowing moving posts here from there.

We used to feed the birds.

That was until the cats started feasting on the birds.

Inadvertently, we fed the squirrels too. 

One day, one of our cats actually caught a squirrel!

Because this particular cat was able to open the screen door, he let himself in with his prey!

He promptly plopped the unmoving squirrel onto the kitchen floor and jumped up on to the kitchen counter his throne.

He was so proud! 😇

Me? Not so much! 😱

Notice, however, I took a picture!

After I snapped, I proceeded to yell for dear husband!

I wasn’t going to touch the squirrel.

As past experience has shown, sometimes the poor creature brought in by a cat was not as dead as it looked and would leap to life as it was scooped up by a dust pan or something. 🥴

So, we don’t feed the birds anymore. . . or squirrels.

Happy Friday!

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