Finally, a productive day!

Warmer weather has arrived which means I was able to play in the mud this weekend! Had time to play, too! Now it is time for some garden fresh strawberries with whipped cream (from a can)! Summer is here!


I am happy to announce my newest items I am adding to my Etsy shop:  whimsical wall art plaques!  I am thrilled to be able to continue to work with clay inside this winter where it is nice an warm as opposed to my back porch where it is very cold, icy and snowy this... Continue Reading →

Last Bisque Firing of the Season

The kiln is loaded.  Ready to bisque fire tomorrow. Bisque firing is the first firing at a low temperature.  This first firing prepares the clay for glazing by removing all of the moisture from the piece leaving it porous but hard. The bisqued pieces are then ready for glazes.  After the pieces are glazed, they... Continue Reading →

What’s New?

Below are pictures of a few things I made this summer on my back porch. All are available to purchase on Etsy at Back Porch Studio: Winter is on its way.  Time to move all my pottery stuff inside.  I did, however, find something new to keep me busy and out of trouble through the... Continue Reading →

Back Behind The Wheel

Despite the torrent of rain, I was able to throw some pots today! At this point, I wait until the pet dish is dry and stable enough to take off the blue bat.  Then I wait some more until the pet dish is dry and stable enough to finish (clean up) the bottom. The next... Continue Reading →

Busy Hands Busy Minds

I have not had a lot of time for pottery this year. That is not to say I have not been busy. Our grandson comes over every day.  His little hands are busy as well as his mind exploring the world around him.  While his hands are busy, my hands are busy clicking my camera... Continue Reading →

Summer in Full Swing

This summer is filled with sandboxes, wading pools and playing with dump trucks with our first grandchild! Needless to say pottery has taken a back seat.  Oh I'm still throwing!  My production is just not as quick this summer as in past summers. Sales on Etsy are going strong.  In fact, I just finished an... Continue Reading →

1st Dish of the Season!

Brushing up on my throwing skills and math skills this week.Upon occasion, I have a customer that would like a dish to be a specific size. For more accuracy, I'm finding math helps! For example: I want to make a dish that will be 5 inches after the final firing. The clay I use to... Continue Reading →

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