Productive Potter , After All

This is BIG!!  I threw 17 pieces over the three day weekend: dishes, plates, bowls, cups and pet bowls. Could I be a productive potter after all?  My next step is to bisque fire these pieces after they completely air dry. Given how humid it has been, air drying will take a while. I’m figuring a week.

Bisque firing is the first firing at a low temperature.  This first firing prepares the clay for glazing by removing all of the moisture from the piece leaving it porous but hard. The bisqued pieces are then ready for glazes.  After the pieces are glazed, they will undergo a second firing, the glaze firing, where the high heat causes the glazes to melt and form a beautiful glassy coating over the clay. My hope is to have this bunch of pots finished  and in my shop, Back Porch Studio on Esty, by the end of the month!

I love the look of greenware in various stages of air drying.

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