Take Time

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~ Elizabeth Lawrence  It is officially autumn. The falling leaves gather around my pottery wheel on my back porch which means my throwing days have come to an end. … Continue reading Take Time

In Search of One Photo

I’ve been looking through box after box of old photographs in photo albums (remember those?) for that one photo of our children hand feeding birds (mentioned in my previous post).  Much to my dismay, that one  particular photo was missing as well as the negative.  The photos were pre-digital (1990’s).  It was actually the year 2001- quasi digital.  I found a 3.5″ floppy disk that contains the one sought after photograph. Unfortunately we do not have any “old” technology in the house any more that will enable us to view the pictures. After sharing my frustration to anyone in the … Continue reading In Search of One Photo

Winter is Here

It’s winter and that means it is time to feed the birds. There are a lot of recipes for homemade suet.  I found the following recipe to be the quickest and easiest to make: Ingredients: One part lard at room temperature to two parts bird seed Add raisins, peanuts or grated cheese (optional) Method: Combine lard and bird seed in a large bowl with a spoon or “squish it all together with your hands”.  Pack the seed mixture into a container.  We used one of several: the plastic cups and square shallow plastic container lined with wax paper as pictured … Continue reading Winter is Here

Winter Is For The Birds

I’m eager to dirty my hands in the mud meanwhile winter is in full swing.   This winter has been extraordinarily fun.  Our grandson loves the outdoors.  The snow and cold will not keep him inside so I follow him around with my camera as he discovers a winter wonderland. Along with discovering the wonders of winter, we started feeding and watching the birds.  After Christmas, we took our Christmas tree out to the back porch and decorated it again except this time with suet and grapefruit feeders for the birds. While waiting for warmer weather, we enjoy watching our … Continue reading Winter Is For The Birds

Spring Training!

It’s that time of year where I reclaim the earth one bucket at a time! I wedged 20.5 pounds of clay yesterday.  The balls of clay (see photo above) are ready to be thrown onto the wheel and molded into something spectacular! Sadly, though, I’m not in tip-top shape. (And it’s still pretty darn cold on my back porch.) Continue reading Spring Training!