Back In Production!

We had so much fun at the pottery supply store this week!  So many wonderful and pretty things to look at including a huge turquoise ceramic bowl filled with MKM small circular wooden stamps. The wooden stamp filled bowl was right at  our grandson’s reach.  He relished the feel and look of each and every stamp.

I whispered, “Would you like to pick one out to take home?”

He looked up at me with big excited eyes and answered, “Yes!”

And so, the search began for THE lucky wooden stamp that would come home with us.

He picked the dragonfly stamp!  (Ever since we read the book In The Small Small Pond by Denise Fleming , an Ohio native by the way, our grandson has been enchanted with dragonflies. 😀  )

On our way home, I explained to him what we could do with the stamp and clay we just purchased.  He was eager to get started once out of the car!

We rolled little balls of clay with our hands and he cut them in half with a wire cheese cutter.  He flattened the half balls of clay into a nice round disk . . . or what I called little stones.  And he set out to stamp each one with the dragonfly stamp.

Using his new adorable wooden dragonfly stamp to make dragonfly medallions . . . or dragonfly stones.
Dragonfly medallions. Dragonfly stones. I know we are going to have many more by summer’s end!

Meanwhile, I had a productive day despite the rain, tornado and earthquake!

Top Left: 5 ” pet dish. Top Right: 5″ pet dish. Center: Nesting organically shaped bowls and Dragonfly stones. Center Left and Right: 5″ pet dishes. Bottom Left and Right: 4″ pet bowls (new shape this year!).

All for now!  Looking forward to making more bowls for humans and pets and helping our little potter in training make more Dragonfly stones!

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