Okay, yes.  The title of this post is a little dramatic but are not snakes dramatic when you are not expecting them.

So, I’m blissfully throwing pots on my back porch today when I notice our cat following something through the yard.

I didn’t think anything too much about it because, after all, it is bug and butterfly season both of which she likes to chase.

A few seconds later, I saw something YUGE slither in and out of the raised garden bed with our cat right on its tail.

It was then I grabbed my camera and snapped! (To be honest, I wanted to take a picture for identification purposes…to make sure it was only a garter snake.  I just hope I don’t find it on our back porch welcome mat compliments of our cat – the snake chaser).

Feeling a little

If you look carefully, you can see the garter snakes little red forked tongue! Thank goodness for zoom lens because I would NOT have stood THAT close! LOL
It was about 1.5 feet long but who’s measuring! NOT ME! LOL



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