Today was Moving Day!

This is an annual move from the basement to the back porch.  Luckily, this year I didn’t have too many loads to lug up the stairs (12 steps).  My pottery wheel stayed under wraps on the back porch over the winter.  I was happy to unwrap it, clean it off and set it up!

The Before Photo: Every thing unwrapped and unpacked.
The After Photo: Everything cleaned off, put away and ready for production!
After I set up my studio, I set to work on wedging recycled clay to complete my nesting bowl mold collection. (I’m making bisque molds of a set of nesting bowls in which I plan to make nesting bowls sets to sell.
Wedged recycled clay.
After wedging the clay, I shaped the clay into a ball. Next step . . .to make a slab.
The ball of clay is now a slab.
I draped the slab over a metal bowl, cut off the excess and let the clay slowly harden. This will become a bisque mold for “mass” producing bowls.

So happy warmer weather is here!  Our garden is finally planted.  Weeds are under control, somewhat.  And my Back Porch Studio is set up and ready for playing in the mud!


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