What the glaze is going on here?

New glaze combos.

Trusty favorites with a new twist.

Unearthed and revived old glazes that I haven’t used in years.

Believe it or not, this is just one glaze.  It is Rutile Blue; my all time favorite until I started having trouble with pitting. It is a very thick glaze by nature. Instead of thinning with water, I added a gum solution for a more even application and less pitting. It is a fun glaze for layering.  The dark purples are the result of one application. The more layering,  the more brilliant blues appear.
I revived the almost dried out  Shino by adding a gum solution and water. Love the results with the white glaze.
I unearthed these two glazes: Lustrous Jade (left) and Sea Weed (right). I think these two go well together!
I made some pieces that I thought the Turquoise and Red Iron Oxide combination would look fabulous.  I made a test tile to see whether or not I would like the results.   I LOVE IT!  This combination will be perfect for those pieces!

So, that is what the glaze is going on around here!

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