News! Not Breaking but News . . .

After much thought, reading, note-taking and collaboration with fellow potters, I think I have discovered the reason why I have had pin holes. #1:  The glazes were too thick. So early spring, I adjusted my glazes. The result was perfect on two of the three clay bodies. #2: It is a particular clay-body.   After talking with my clay supplier and showing them my test tiles, we agreed that it must be the clay body. I also learned that this particular clay-body under went some “important changes” a couple years ago. Coincidentally, that is when I started having the troubles. So, … Continue reading News! Not Breaking but News . . .

A Note To Myself

I’m a list maker and note taker. I make lists of things “To Do” otherwise things will not get done such as exercise, make doctor’s appointment, and laundry. I also make “To Do” lists for pottery such as prepare test … Continue reading A Note To Myself

Ready for Glaze ~ Last Batch of 2016

All my bottoms are waxed and ready to glaze! I can hardly believe this is my last big batch of pottery for the 2016 throwing season on my back porch.  Aside from my most popular item, pet dishes, I made … Continue reading Ready for Glaze ~ Last Batch of 2016

This Week: Glazing! (Scroll down for updates!)

This week I will be trying out some new glazes as well as glazing with some of my trusty reliable favorites such as Rutile Blue and Temmoku Brown (pictured below). I plan to have my 1st glaze firing of the season this week! UPDATE: 6/19/12 UPDATE: First Day of Summer! Perfect glazing weather this week: hot, dry and breezy!  The glaze dries as soon as I paint the pots. Not to mention great weather to line dry clothes 😉 Later, on the first day of summer . . . Gah! More waiting!  Before I load the kiln, a switch needs … Continue reading This Week: Glazing! (Scroll down for updates!)