Fast Forward to April

It’s spring ya’ll!

I’ve been a little short on words lately but that is not to say nothing is going on.

Over the winter I:

  • took a hand-building pottery class
  • took an excellent on-line photography class
  • read all of the books I received for Christmas
  • reviewed my glazing notes to try to solve glazing problems
  • made test tiles to test glazes in the hopes to solve glazing problems
  • continue care for aging parents
  • started choosing better foods and eating habits plus exercise (gasp!)
  • enjoyed learning new things and being with my family

I am looking forward to throwing things again!

It will be a couple more weeks until I start throwing which is so therapeutic!

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow ~ Proverb

In the mean time, I will be shooting . . .also therapeutic!

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